Room 3

(5.50m x 4.00m = 22.00m2)

Always a popular choice for its versatile size, integral kitchen and roof garden access, this room easily accommodates a wide variety of activities.

Its windows open onto the roof garden, whilst a whiteboard, retractable screen and window blinds make it well suited for presentations and training. Being self-contained, with no connecting access to other rooms makes it popular with groups requiring a little extra seclusion for activities like meditation, therapy, or just something a little more boisterous.

If you are booking rooms for someone else to use, for example a trainer or facilitator, please do ensure that they will meet their requirements in terms of size and facilities beforehand. Smaller rooms may cost less, but if people feel too cramped, it can badly affect the success of your course or event. The table below gives what we feel are the maximum numbers the room will hold comfortably in common layouts. Our staff are always happy to answer questions by phone or email or even give a tour of the venue.

Room layout Number of People
Theatre 20
Boardroom 18
Café / Cabaret 18
Circle 18
Standard Rate Reduced Rate
Per Session £62 £39
All Day £124 £78

Rates for all our rooms can be found here