Terms and Conditions of Hire

This building is a Meeting House of the Religious Society of Friends and its primary use is for worship and fellowship. We are happy to welcome others to make use of the building and hope they will treat the premises with respect. All room hire customers must agree to abide by these terms and conditions as a condition of their room booking being accepted.

1. Clients must use the room(s) only on the days and at the times agreed in advance with the warden. Bookings should allow time for preparation/tidying up and the Warden has the right to insist on vacation if the time is overrun at either end.

2. Clients are asked to pay towards the upkeep of the premises at the rate agreed at time of booking. This might be paid in advance or in arrears. If paid in arrears, payment must be received within 30 days of the invoice date, which will be issued at the beginning of the month in which the booking was held. Payment by cheque (made payable to: Chester Quaker Meeting). A 10% discount is offered for a long-term, regular booking, paid by standing order.

3. In exceptional cases of need or urgency, the Chester Meeting Management Committee has discretion to consider waiving initial room charges. Any requests to continue waiving room hire charges will be considered at the next Quaker Local Business Meeting.

4. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. Cancellations made more than fourteen days in advance will not incur a charge. For bookings cancelled less than fourteen days in advance, the full charge is payable.

5. The hire of a room includes use of the main kitchen. Clients should understand that they may be sharing this facility with others. Clients are expected to wash up and put away any crockery and equipment that they use. Clients can use the Kitchen off Room 3 if they book Room 3.

6. We reserve the right to refuse bookings.

7. We have cupboard space in which regular clients can store tea and coffee supplies. Other items can be stored in the building in agreement with the Warden. Larger items will incur a charge. Clients are welcome to store items here, on the understanding that we take no responsibility for their security and that any loss or damage is at the owner’s risk and is not covered by our insurance policy.

8. All of our electrical equipment is regularly PAT-tested. If groups choose to bring their own electrical equipment on site it MUST be PAT-tested.

9. Any damage to the Meeting House or its contents caused by those organising or attending meetings must be reported to the Warden and groups must pay for such damage to be made good.

10. Groups are required to leave the room in a clean and tidy state as they found it.

11. Smoking, alcoholic drinks, and drugs are not permitted anywhere in the building.

12. Food. Clients are responsible for ensuring any food consumed on the premises is prepared in accordance with Food Hygiene Regulations.

13. All clients are asked to make it clear in their publicity that the Quaker Meeting House is merely the venue being used. They must avoid giving the impression that their meeting is organised by Friends/Quakers.

14. We reserve the right to move groups or close the Quaker Meeting House. In the event of an important occasion, such as a funeral, or for emergencies / maintenance, minimum notice of seven days will be given to organisations who have booked accommodation. We would always endeavour to give as much notice as possible.

15. Clients will be informed of Fire Evacuation procedure at their first meeting here. Details are posted in each room by the door and clients must ensure that their users of the building are aware of the Fire procedure. The contact person/group leader for each client group should make a roll call in the event of a fire or emergency evacuation. The group leader is responsible for the safe evacuation of all individuals within their group in the event of an emergency.

16. The Client must ensure that with each room booking, that a contact person/group leader must be appointed to manage the group. In the event of poor behaviour within the group, it is the responsibility of the group leader to manage the situation.

17. We are covered for 3rd party insurance, that is we are insured against injury or damage to users of the building through our fault. Our insurance does NOT cover injury or damage that comes about as a result of activities of clients, or attenders to their meetings, including damage or injury to our property or staff. Clients should consider appropriate insurance cover, particularly public liability, for themselves.

18. We invite groups to view our current policies written for users of the Meeting House e.g. Equality Policy. Copies are these are available in the office, or on request.

19. There is no available parking space at the Meeting House. Between the hours of 10:30am and 4:30pm, vehicle access is restricted to the service road at the back of the building. Vehicle access to the front of the building from 4:30pm to 10:30am is only allowed for loading.